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HOWTO: Fixing a broken EDID EEPROM with a Bus Pirate v4

This post is about fixing a broken EDID ROM in a monitor. There are several ways to do this. Typically this involves writing the EEPROM with the Windows only tool PowerStrip (see here for a HOWTO) . Here I want to present an alternative solution using the Dangerous Prototypes Bus Pirate Рa device which every hardware hacker with self-respect should have anyway. You should already be tech-savvy to attempt this procedure.


So I own 3 Samsung Syncmaster 2343BW with a staggering 2048×1152 pixels of resolution on 23″. When I bought them 3 years ago – this was really amazing. (Nowadays, such monitors are not even for sale anymore… but there is the ipad… Hopefully Apple sets a trend here for higher resolution…

So one of these monitors often suffers from a broken EDID EEPROM. Since this ROM is used to store all important information for Plug&Pray, the monitor not being detected anymore at all. I had this happen to me 3 times during warranty and they always exchanged the whole motherboard.  But unfortunately continues to appear after warranty, so I set out to fix it myself.

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