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ChibiOS based STM32 bootloader example

Hi there,

since I’ve finally but my last oral exam for this semester behind me there is more time for me to hack on various stuff again.

Some of you might now that I’m a big fan of of the ChibiOS paired with the awesome STMicrolectronics STM32F series of Cortex-M3 microprocessors. These days I’m more and more into developing products which will run and work i.e. in Belgium. So there is no easy way to just pop by and deliver a firmware update over JTAG or there must be at least one remote controllable computer with a JTAG probe – not an elegant solution.

But there is hope, the STM32 chips do include the possibility to update the Flash ROM from inside a boot loader. Now, there are examples for boot loaders but I found most of them to be too “hackish”. So I set out to write my own boot loader based on ChibiOS. The example is targeting the Olimex STM32P107 development board but should be easy to adapt to other boards. You can find the final result on my github page:

The example includes helper function abstracting the flashing process. The example implementation demos reading the firmware in Intel Hex format from a SD card.